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OBI Antique Firearms Terms of Sale

Completing your Order - CheckOut
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Layaway Policy


We offer a 3 day return privilege.
All CreditCard orders shipped within 2 days, orders by check are shipped once check has cleared.

All Items listed are Available for Purchase.
Unlike some other online sites - when an item is sold it is automatically deleted from our inventory.

What is the Shopping Cart and how does it work?
The Shopping Cart holds all the items you have decided to order, just as in the local supermarket.
You can view the items you have added to your cart simply by clicking the Shopping Cart Button on the navigation bar from anywhere within the site..

How do I put items in my Shopping Cart?
You can add  items to your Shopping Cart by clicking on the orange  Add to Shopping Cart button next to each item.
For those items where we have more than one in stock, you may also select Qty to purchase.

How do I make changes to my Shopping Cart?
To change the quantity of an item or remove it from your Shopping Cart, click on the Shopping Cart button on the top navigation bar or on the View Shopping Cart button Catalog pages. You will see all the items in your cart. After you modify the quantity or remove an item, click either Continue or Send Order. These buttons will automatically update your Shopping Cart to reflect any changes you made. If you wish to remove all the items hit the Empty Shopping Cartbutton.

Important note: This is the only way to update your cart. If you make changes to the Shopping Cart and click on any other navigational button, your changes will not be recorded.

Completing your Order ( Check Out )

When you are finished shopping, go to your Shopping Cart using the Shopping Cart button on the navigation bar or on the Complete Order button on the Catalog pages . You will see a list of the items you have selected. You will have the option to change your order quantities, or remove any unwanted items from your order. To purchase the selected items, click on the Send Order button.

You must choose between placing your order over a SECURE SERVER or a STANDARD SERVER. Secure transactions use SSL (secure socket layers) to encrypt all data transmitted over the Internet. However, only browsers that support 40-bit key encryption or greater can check out with a secure server.

Once you reach the Checkout Screen you must check your order and make any necessary changes.
 8.63% Sales Tax will be added for NY residents.

You must then complete Customer and Payment information.

Customer Information

All of the information for your Customer Information, Billing Information and Shipping Information, will automatically be filled in for you on the order form, if you have ordered before. If your address needs to be changed, make the necessary changes. Your Customer Information will automatically be updated for your next order.
Important note: We will confirm your order via email. Make sure the email address is correct!

Payment Information

OBI-Antique Firearms accepts  Visa , Mastercard , Discover , Check/Money Order
We use Verisgn to process your Credit Card Order safely and securely over the Internet.
If you do not wish to send Credit Card Information over the Internet, check the "Call for CC Num" box on the Order Form, and we will call you personnally to get Credit Card Information - please ensure that your phone number is correct.

Send Your Order

When all information is correct hit the Send Order button.

You may review your Order, Customer and Payment Information before confirming your order on the final screen.
You will be send a confirmation by email with your order number.

If you have any questions about your order email us with your name, email address and order number.

Layaway Policy

We currently do not offer any type of layaway.